Every year at the AGM, CARA members identify and vote for the top three issues to prioritise in the coming year. The CARA committee undertake to act on these issues throughout the year.

Progress to report on these issues will be updated here continually throughout the year. 

Details of CARA work on previous Priority Issues can be found in our Archive

At the CARA AGM on 9/5/19, CARA members identified priorities for the next year as:

Traffic Management, Parking, The Circus lawn (care and maintenance) and Public Realm.

UPDATE on Parking and Traffic Management

In the CARA Bulletin dated 6 August, we advised that B&NES Council has given notice that it intends to introduce ‘No Parking at any time’, governed by double-yellow lines, on halfof the ‘inner’ ring of The Circus (between no.2 and no.15).

This proposal came as a surprise to CARA and we therefore sought comment from our members on their view of the proposal. We thank all those who have responded, either directly to B&NES and/or to the CARA Committee.

It is apparent that, whilst many people favour restrictions on non-residents parking in the ‘inner’ ring of The Circus, there is clear concern that the proposal will lead to a loss of valuable residents’parking spaces. As a result of members’ feedback, CARA has adjusted its response to:

“CARA objectsto the proposal to introduce ‘No Parking at any time’ in halfof the inner part of The Circus (from no.2 to no.15). This reflects our view that the proposal will lead to:

1. No material reduction in ‘destination’ parking traffic in The Circus area.
2. No material improvement in air quality.
3. A loss to residents of c.15 car parking spaces for use on weekday evenings/Sundays.
4. No material improvement in the ambience/heritage views in and across The Circus.

However, CARA does support B&NES Council in its initiative to address parking in The Circus by recommending the removal of the Sunday parking exemption in The Circus. This would mean that parking in ALL of the inner Circus would be prohibited from 8.00 am – 7.00 pm i.e. the same as Monday – Saturday. CARA believes that this would have the following benefits:

1. Parking provision for residents (and, in turn, non-residents) would remain permitted in the evenings/nights i.e. from 7.00 pm to 8.00 am. However, no parking would be permitted during the day. This would be very clear to all motorists. If possible, the overnight parking should be for Residents only.

2. There would be a material improvement in the ambience/heritage views in and across The Circus on a Sunday. Currently, The Circus – one of Bath’s premier architectural assets – resembles a car park on a Sunday. The removal of car parking on a Sunday would allow residents/non-residents/tourists to better appreciate the views across The Circus.

CARA further believes that this recommendation should form part of a broader traffic management package in The Circus area, which could include a Low Traffic Neighbourhood.”

UPDATE on Parking and Traffic Management

B&NES Council has given notice that it intends to introduce ‘No Parking at any time’, governed by double-yellow lines, on half of the ‘inner’ ring of The Circus (between no.2 and no.15). For further detail of the proposal, please visit:

CARA is supportive of plans to restrict parking in the ‘inner’ ring as it will help to:
1. Reduce traffic volumes, particularly on a Sunday, from non-residents using our residential area for free parking.
2. Reduce air pollution. Once non-residents understand that our residential area is not a source of free parking, there should be less traffic that circulates looking for parking spaces.
3. Reduce late night noise from revelers who park for free, returning to their cars late into the evening or very early the next day, after with some of their party alcohol-fuelled, often shouting, slamming car doors, accelerating away, waking residents, especially children or the elderly, who then find it hard to return to sleep.
4. Reduce parking congestion. Given the expected lower level of non-resident traffic, there should be less competition to residents for on-street parking spaces.

However, CARA supports a full parking prohibition, rather than the ‘half’ currently proposed by B&NES, as even limited parking availability will serve as a ‘destination’ parking option for non-residents.

What is your view? If you would like to comment on the proposal, either:

Write to B&NES Council, or e-mail
Please respond by August 22nd and quote the reference 19-006.

E-mail Richard Brown of CARA on
CARA will respond to the proposal but would like to know what you think so that we can best represent the views of our members. Please respond by August 16th.

Did you know...? In addition to parking in all on-street resident parking bays and all on-street pay & display bays within the central parking zone, Central resident permit holders are also permitted to park in Charlotte Street Car Park between the hours 5.30 pm to 10.00 am free of charge.