LUNA Cinema

NB the contact number for problems re LUNA has changed to 07948323616 or 07874993468


“LUNA Cinema on Crescent Lower Lawn this weekend, 27-29 September


Dear Residents


All Royal Crescent households should now have received the corrected notification letter from LUNA Cinema, which they delivered by hand yesterday. This letter confirms their use of headphones for all the screenings and details of the length of each screening, indicating expected finishing times.



We would just like to remind you that as in the previous 2 years, if you do wish to make a complaint about any disturbance or concerns during or after the event screenings, please contact:


LUNA on site manager 07948323616

and also for complaint logging purposes:

B&NES out of hours complaints log no. 01225 477477

If you would prefer to send an email:

For noise only complaints:

For any other type of complaint (e.g. traffic and crowd nuisance, rubbish left on site etc):


If you make a complaint, please could you let us know by emailing or copying in your complaint to, so that we can support your complaint and compile an accurate record which we can then present to B&NES.


 With thanks,

The Royal Crescent Society

Bath Post Office is now in WHSmith

Bath Post Office now in WH Smith

An update for CARA members, in case you have not seen the announcement.

Please think about making sure your neighbours, especially any elderly neighbours, are aware of the change of location…it might just save them a longer walk to the old location, opposite Waitrose, and then back up to Union Street. Note the revised opening hours.

Bath Post Office has now moved from 27 Northgate Street, Bath, BA1 1AU to its new location at: Bath Post Office, now in WHSmith,

First Floor,

6/7 Union Street,

Bath, BA1 1RT Post Office opening hours at this new branch have been extended to: Monday 08:30-18:00 Tuesday 08:30-18:00 Wednesday 08:30-18:00 Thursday 08:30-18:00 Friday 08:30-18:00 Saturday 08:30-18:00 Sunday 11:00-15:00

No Parking on the Circus - 13.6.19


“I can confirm that there are no arrangements for alternative parking whilst the parking suspension is in place in The Circus. The suspension is being implemented due to essential resurfacing works being undertaken and the Council does not have to provide alternate parking.

The resident permits are valid for all resident permit bays within the central zone and it is the permit holders responsibility to ensure that they vehicle is parked within a legitimate space. Please be advised that the permits are also valid for use in Charlotte Street Car Park between the hours 5.30pm to 10am free of charge.

I am sorry that I am unable to provide a more positive response.”

Gillian Vann

Business Support Officer – Parking Services
Environmental Services
Bath & North East Somerset Council
Telephone: 01225 477133/4

Lost Purse - 22.12.18

At CARA’s Carols on the Circus last evening (21st December 2018), around 700 people enjoyed singing along to the music of The Salvation Army Band. Mulled wine was sold (all profits going to our charity collection) by the great team from Circus Restaurant on Brock Street.

Amongst all the joy, someone would have been desperately searching for their purse. The good news is that a purse has been found. If you lost your purse, or know the person who did, please make contact with CARA’s Chairman on being sure to include your contact telephone number.

When we know the amount of money raised for The Salvation Army to support their work with the homeless now and throughout the year, we will announce the result. Thank you to everyone who contributed...and it is never too late to contribute a little our Chairman.

A very Merry Christmas to all our readers!

Flu Vaccinations

B&NES Council, Swindon and Wiltshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP), Flu Steering Group, have produced a flu vaccination toolkit to help promote the free NHS flu vaccination to those with a long term condition. For further details, please visit:


The government has given B&NES a sum of money to fix potholes. CARA has been approached to identify the worst potholes in its area. Are you aware of one? If so, please take and send a photograph of the pothole, along with its location, to Barry Gilbertson at

We were notified only yesterday andhave been given only until the 19th November to submit details; so, unfortunately, this is short notice.

Houses in Multiple Occupation

HMO licensing

B&NES Council has advised that, from 1st October, all houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), with five or more occupants in two or more households, must be licenced. The new licensing requirement has been introduced nationwide. Landlords or agents responsible for HMOs that fall under the new definition will be committing a criminal offence if they fail to apply for a licence or a temporary exemption by the deadline.

B&NES’s Cabinet has also agreed this week a proposal to extend the scope of licensing to cover HMOs which house three or four people in two or more separate households in Bath City. Further details on the additional licensing scheme will be released in the coming months.

Failing to have an HMO licence is a criminal offence and is liable on summary conviction to an unlimited fine or a civil penalty of up to £30,000 per offence.

For further details, please visit:

Fraud Awareness in Bath

Working with the banks in the city centre, Bath Police are hosting a Fraud Awareness event.

They will be holding three presentations to try and raise awareness about the risks of fraud. They are aiming to get the message out to people who regularly come into contact with vulnerable adults, so that this knowledge can help those who might otherwise be tempted by a cold call, a phishing email or a knock on the door.

The sessions run on 3rd September at the Kaposvar Room in the Guildhall. There will be one session in the morning from 09:30 to 11:30, and one in the afternoon between 12:30 and 14:30. Refreshments will be provided.
There are a total of 120 spaces (60 for each session), which are FREE but must be booked in advance. To book, email with the heading "Fraud Awareness"

High Common, Royal Victoria Park

Our neighbours in the Cavendish Road Society have been refused use of High Common to hold a small summer get-together. Throughout the application process, it became apparent that certain officers of the Council regard this public land as restricted access.

For many years, local people have enjoyed the High Common alongside the golfers there: strolling or dog walking, picnicking, sledging, playing games, and admiring the view on these lovely summer evenings. The Council’s stance ignores many, many years of mutual respect, so the members of CRS believe it should be challenged. We would like to support a neighbouring residents association.

We are now seeking statements from any of our members or others interested: if you enjoy walking, playing or passing time on the High Common,  please write and confirm that you do, and for how many years you may have done so uninterrupted.

Statements should be emailed to Rachael Hushon at, saying you are from CARA and briefly setting out your experience. Rachel will then forward them to Cavendish Road Society.


Circus Area Residents Association

Pub in the Park

Pub in the Park have now provided a contact telephone number for the event site: 020 3728 6433. They have also confirmed that the appointed noise consultants, Joynes Nash, will be in attendance throughout the event.  

The Environmental Protection Team at B&NES are aware of this event and will be attending the sound checks prior to the event. The onsite acoustic consultants have been given sound levels to be achieved in accordance with the Code of Practice for the control of noise for outdoor events and operate a risk-based approach to event management.  

Council Connect’s out of hours number is 01225 394041 and choose Option 9.  Alternatively you can call 01225 477477 at any time to report an emergency.

To read the full announcement, click here




Circus Area Litter Pick

The Circus Area Litter Pick that took place on Saturday 10th of March was a great success. Despite the showery weather, volunteers collected a healthy pile of golden sacks between 10 and 11am.

Of course litter is an endemic problem for the city centre, but the effort has helped make the area, for a time, cleaner and brighter for us.

The volunteer effort was spearheaded by CARA members with support from the Council. We're looking forward to the next cleanup, once we've confirmed a date in May.


B&NES Chair’s Community Awards 2017/18

We are thrilled to announce that Anne Love of Rivers Street, and Polly Riddle of Park Street, have been awarded the "Good Neighbours" Category in this year's Community Awards!

B&NES Chair’s Community Awards 2017/18

Anne and Polly, winners of the Good Neighbour of the Year Award

These awards seek to recognise the contribution that volunteers make to our local community. They recognise volunteering from across a wide range of causes and from individuals to groups.

The Federation of Bath Residents Associations (FoBRA) decided to nominate two proactive and determined residents living in the heart of heritage Bath: Anne Love of Rivers Street and Polly Riddle of Park Street, for the “Good Neighbour of the Year” category. We are pleased to announce that they won the award at a wonderful ceremony that saw B&NES Council recognise and thank all of the nominees.

Anne and Polly are two separate residents of two different streets in the heart of Georgian Bath, in Rivers Street and Park Street respectively. Both streets are adjacent to the pristine and well-kept tourist routes of Gay Street and Brock Street up to the heritage destinations of Circus, Royal Crescent and St James Square. Unlike some nearby roads, Park Street and Rivers Street have a high number of street-fronting terraces with dwellings sub-divided into small flats or bedsits without any managed refuse facilities or storage areas for waste or recycling. Refuse left on these streets was a big problem on a daily basis, all week long. Every week.

The two streets were blighted by piles of refuse left rotting in sacks, even old vacuum cleaners or broken items of furniture were sometimes spotted simply fly-tipped outside front doors. The refuse left to rot often soiled the streets, as seagulls and various animals (badgers, foxes) tore open the plastic sacks or rats gnawed at the Council-provided sacks. Many sacks were so soiled that even the Council refuse teams would not take them on the weekly collection.

Having never met, Anne and Polly independently decided to take action.

Both Anne and Polly have worked tirelessly to clean up their streets, week in, week out. Anne has been tenacious, ingenious and consistent, pushing landlords, tenants and residents in her street to open their eyes to the problem and to care and to do more about the look of their street. Polly has adopted a hands-on approach to removing the waste, given her slightly different landlord and resident base. Both have shown a resilient, dogged commitment to care for their public realm and to take a real civic pride in Bath.

Over more than six months, Anne knocked on doors, contacted both private landlords and registered social landlords to appeal for their help in managing their tenants and to provide better refuse management; she produced and printed her own leaflets; and she tenaciously persuaded her entire street of neighbours to keep the street clear of refuse. Where certain dwellings continued to fly tip she would gather the refuse and tell Council Connect to collect it. She simply refused to let other residents in her street continue to “turn a blind eye” to fly tipping.

Polly encountered a more transient group of residents on her street, resistant to cleaning up their act. Polly worked tirelessly, to clean the street of soiled debris after animals regularly tore open even the reusable sacks and spread it across her street. Now, each week, she collects all of the waste that the B&NES refuse collection team leave behind and (wearing her marigolds) piles it in to her car and takes it to the local recycling and refuse tip. Hearing of Anne’s successful efforts Polly has now contacted Registered Social Landlords to help in her efforts in Park Street.

Both residents have adopted a zero tolerance to any refuse left outside front doors. A mammoth effort, as many neighbours will corroborate. It also takes bravery, just to keep knocking on doors or to be seen collecting other people’s waste. Both Anne and Polly have, on different occasions, been on the receiving end of verbal abuse.

Both heritage streets have been transformed, they are now clean and pristine. This result, in turn, sub-consciously encourages new residents or “previous offenders” to keep the streets looking this way. It is a nicer place to live because Anne and Polly cared and were determined not to give up.

Congratulations to ANNE LOVE and POLLY RIDDLE : we salute you !

Bath Briefing - a letter from Wera Hobhouse MP

a letter from MP Wera Hobhouse

Dear Bath Residents’ Associations

We face a multitude of challenges over the coming years. Bath already has serious issues with transport and pollution, and housing. These will be become even more acute over the coming years; projections show growth in student numbers and tourist numbers, alongside a growing population and business growth.

There are many of us who are working to ensure our city remains a beautiful place to live and work, and I think it is tremendously important that, in our deliberations, we have the most accurate information possible. To this end I am arranging a Bath Briefing, where I have asked key stakeholders from the Universities, from business, from tourism, from public transport, and from the Council, to share their projections for the future with us, residents and campaigners.

I would like to invite you to this event on Friday 23rd February, between 2pm and 4pm, at BRSLI, 16-18 Queen Square, Bath, BA1 2HN. I have asked speakers to talk for about 10 minutes around their projections for the future and then to take questions from the floor.

Please feel free to circulate this invitation to your members of other interested parties, but please let us know the names of attendees, because places will be limited. RSVP to

Robin Kerr from FOBRA has kindly offered to sum up the event, because I am asking groups and campaigners to get together to look at how communities, the city, and the areas surrounding Bath, should respond to the challenges ahead. I will do my best to be available to assist in this process.

I do hope you can make it on the 23rd Feb. If you have any questions, please contact my colleague Matt McCabe.

Yours sincerely
Wera Hobhouse MP

*CARA is a non-political organisation. This event is being organised by Bath’s MP Wera Hobhouse, and will be of interest to many people who care about the city in which we live, work and play. Your Committee believe it appropriate to share the details of the meeting, and how to attend, if desired.

Special broadband offer

Households in Bath are for a limited time being offered vouchers worth £500 towards installing gigabit-ready broadband. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) are offering the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme in an effort to boost the UK's digital network. Bath is one of only four areas in the UK that have been chosen to trial the scheme. 

For more information, visit

To read the full announcement, click here